White Label Taxi Dispatch Software

Enhance your business standards with Connekt24 Platform

Connekt24 takes technology into new directions providing one-of-a-kind cab dispatch software with the best service management system. Supported by high precision GPS tracking and built-in driver and passenger friendly application attributes, TaxiMobility stands ahead of its competitors and stands by its customers with the cab dispatch system that serves to accelerate better business results.

A New Badge Driver-Less Cars Ready!

Driver-less cars getting commercially available in 2018. Every brand is launching its own driver-less vehicle ( Fiat, BMW, Volkswagen, GM etc. ) ....As you keep adding one driver-less car after other to your business, you can manage your entire fleet from this ONE app.


Automated operations

Enjoy the convenience of a completely automated dispatch with a marvelously engineered taxi software.


Advanced Support

IISGL Indeep a powerful way offering professional 24/7 enhanced support and managed services for your business critical applications...


Incredible capacity

Ease your process of taxi dispatch with an extensive taxi management suite capable of handling 10000+ taxis.


Easy upscale

Upgrade your business from small to enterprise and easily switch your business plan as your needs change . Cloud Hosted, Customizable, Complete White Label Solution.



Taxi Dispatch admin panel is custom-made to suit the taxi business and let's you control your customer experience to the max. All it takes is a one-time setup and you're on auto mode. The app ensures optimized dispatching of taxis, collects fares, distributes driver fees, and deposits your commission into your PayPal account.


Future ready

Our team is constantly on improvement, and you can expect an even better Taxi Dispatch Software as we move forward. The automated car is closer than you think, and our Lab is making sure you have access to this breakthrough technology as and when the legislation and markets are ready for it.

Analytics Platform

Assets Tracking, Fleet Management. 100% white label service Solution for Fleet Management

If you need to manage your fleet or to offer fleet management service to your customers, Analytics is the perfect solution for you. You can deploy an online asset tracking and fleet management solution minutes after opening a free account.


Basic tracking, driver check-in/check-out, trips management, expenses reports, driver tasks, real-time notification for drivers, fleet management, and much more. Our Analytics Tracker and Analytics Driver free apps are ready to install.


If you need to trigger a response, when a tracker enters or leaves a particular area, create a virtual geographic boundary (geofencing).


We have designed Analytics from scratch with speed and efficiency in mind, all tracking updates and events happen in real-time.

Our Platform Supports 750+ GPS devices, Connected-Car 100% Customizable GPS tracker by IISGL. Our cloud service and mobile app in combination improve the driver productivity by automatic detection/categorization of trips, expenses logging, real-time notifications, and tasks.

Analytics supports different map providers, including Google Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps, Yandex Maps.

Analytics engineers are eager to adapt our products to your specifications.

If your tracker integrates any sensor, Analytics can log, visualize data and graphs, and handle automatic sensor alarms.

Analytics offers access to your GPS data via API to interface your platform or application.

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White Lable Taxi Dispatch Software

SaaS - We Host & We Maintain

Economical plans

  • Total Drivers Unlimited
  • Unlimitted Users
  • No Setup Requried
  • Auto Dispatching
  • 24/7 Sales Support
  • Customization*

Web Only

$200* One Time Payment

  • Full Source Code
  • Free Installation Support
  • Android Source Code
  • IOS Source Code
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Customization*

Web + Android + IOS

$700* One Time Payment

  • Full Source Code
  • Free Installation Support
  • Android Source Code
  • IOS Source Code
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Customization*
* Pricing only for base source code and limited to one time Setup.
* Pricing subject to change based on requirements and additional customization.
- For SaaS pricing please reach us at sales@iisgl.com

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- 100% white label service/ Custom Branding.
- 100% Customizable for vehicle
- It comes fully pre-configured out of the box.
- For SaaS pricing please reach us at sales@iisgl.com