Taxi & Transportation

Booking and dispatch through our leading taxi software.

Admin Panel

Web based company admin panels connecting users and taxi drivers with real time tracking of resources, auto fare billing and user statistics.

Manager Panel

Web based panel with Google Maps integration to manage orders, monitor dispatches, assign resources, view transaction logs and analyse.

Our apps

Mobile application for passengers to choose location, compare rates and hire affordable rides, and for drivers to accept bookings.

Booking taxis via app

Passengers can easily download the app and hire taxis through it.

The status of drivers can be set as ‘free’, ‘recess’ or ‘available’. Based on the availability, taxis are listed for the passengers.

Drivers have 30 seconds to accept or deny a passenger request. If not, the request will be sent to the next available driver. Passengers are sent notifications on booking confirmation.

  • Set the status of drivers
  • Accept / decline requests based on driver availability
  • Confirm booking request
  • Send notifications with booking details
IGNITE-Taxi Booking

GPS Tracking

The major advantage of booking taxis via application is the GPS facility that allows passengers to locate taxis approaching the pick up point. Drivers can also locate the passengers on the map with the details provided while booking. Drivers can send alert notification to passengers as they reach the pick up point.

  • View approaching taxi on map
  • Locate drivers and passengers using GPS facility
  • View the progress of ongoing trips in real time
  • Send alert notifications on reaching the passenger location
Taxi App

Automatic Fare Calculation

The basic idea behind booking taxis via application is the convenience of the automated process. Passengers can book a taxi by selecting the current pick-up location on map. They can also enter the drop location and destination on the map. An estimate of the taxi fare is calculated automatically before the trip based on the pickup and drop locations. Waiting charges are included, if any.

  • Locate pick-up point
  • Estimate taxi fare before journey
  • Make route choices and locate destination
  • Calculate waiting charges and generate automated billing
Fare estimation-Taxi software

Social Media Sharing

Feedback is an important source that helps taxi companies improve their service. The application allows the passengers to rate drivers for the services they provide. Passengers can also share their feedback regarding the rides they undertake through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • Social media share
  • Quality rating of drivers and services using star icons
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Good feedback mechanism
Add social media accounts

Analytics and insights to leverage your business

Master admin panel controls all the company admin panels, dispatcher panels, driver application, passenger application and transactions. It comprises of the statistics and reports derived from a detailed analysis of the passenger behaviour, revenue and driver activities for taxi companies to discover the potentials that serves to leverage the business.

  • Provide real time updates on the details in the master admin panel
  • Perform complete CRM activities
  • Provide separate login credentials to solution users
  • Customize visibility to details and transactions
  • Manage site settings, SMS templates, social networking site settings, payment gateways and commission settings
  • Manage account reports and total revenue
Online payment method