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Taxi Dispatch Software

In today’s fast-paced world, a taxi dispatch software that takes care of all your business needs is essential. Without such a software and mobile app, you may need to invest in some serious hardware and hire more professionals to help manage and help your taxi companies daily running. With our new taxi dispatch software, everyone including the taxi drivers, customers and taxi company can save a lot of time effort and money, which can later be diverted to help build the business further.

Taxi dispatch software like the Ignite 1.0 is essential to the function of a company as it provides the means to run a successful and up to date taxi business, without any additional hassles. We all know if a software isn’t easy and user-friendly no one will use it which is why the user interface on our taxi dispatch software is very effective and can be installed in a jiffy on an android or IOS.

Our goal from the start has been to make travel easy on the go, which is why our taxi dispatch software and mobile app is like an Uber clone which has so much more to offer both a taxi business and its customers.

With this new software at your fingertips, you can manage your vehicles with all their information and availability at all times. At a touch of a button, you can see all allocated rides and trip made you any of your taxi drivers which will help you manage them better.

Even users will find the 3 step booking process Uber easy to use and with options like group booking where you can split the fare with others it’s tough to say no to such a deal. This Uber clone app takes it one step further and allows customers to use Facebook messenger and AI Bot which does all the work and helps people get a ride in no time. Payments can be easily made using wallet or cash which can also be made online after the ride.

With the use of this sophisticated software and mobile app which is so simple to use, installation and customization to a particular taxi company’s needs and preferences can be done instantly. Managing a taxi service this way has never been more trouble free and straightforward.

At Connekt24 we have created a way to reduce costs for taxi companies so that they can concentrate on offering up the best services to their customers.  We also like help our clients by providing them with features like geo-fencing, crash alerts, driver behavior and vehicle condition, which all go a long way in helping manage and keeping your company safe. With the advance expenses reports and online assessments, taxi companies can rework their business strategies and this can really help take their businesses to new heights.

So why not try our 15-day free trial Uber clone software today and see if our business-ready applications work for you.

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