ParaTransit Software

Exerting technology as a means to address all non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) needs.

Easy Fleet Management

A convenient, and equally affordable, paratransit dispatch system that serves the mobility needs of people with disabilities.

GPS Vehicle tracking

Web based panel with Google Maps integration to manage orders, monitor dispatches, assign resources, view transaction logs and analyse.

Powerful Dispatch Module

Promising to address all areas untouched in e-hailing with one-of-a-kind medical transportation software with valid features.

Scheduling & Dispatching

The paratransit software is designed considering the lack of adequate solutions for cab services to offer point-to-point transportation services to people with disabilities. Our strategically developed medical transportation scheduling software helps achieve this with an advanced and automated scheduling engine facilitating accurate schedules and systematised process.

  • Meet the unique needs of your business with customisable scheduling and dispatch settings
  • Eliminate the constraints of manually planning the scheduling and dispatch
  • Provide superior customer service with prompt performance
  • Stay within ride capacity while meeting individual mobility needs
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Real-Time Reporting

As real-time data is vital to make informed decisions and a safe ride importantly in paratransit, our paratransit dispatch software is accompanied by the backup of a well-secured platform to generate accurate reports and statistics on all transits whenever required and in a variety of formats.

  • Monitor productivity reports on trips, hours, fuel consumption and much more
  • Generate detailed reports on trip denials, missed trips, untimely pickups, callbacks, funding and so forth
  • Export reports in PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, HTML or CSV formats
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Integrated mapping

The NEMT dispatch software maximises your dispatcher efficiency with integrated Google mapping for automatic updates and to manage real-time operations. Applications equipped with Google Maps also enable a great deal of flexibility in determining the effective route to reach passenger locations.

  • Explore routes and fix schedules
  • Set pick up and drop off locations
  • View driving time and distance covered
  • Update, analyse and manipulate map data
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Online Payment & Invoice

Integrated with a demand responsive payment system, the paratransit booking software provides the functionality to track funding sources and retrieve bill data on demand. Configuring the online payment system also allows to track the payment failure and success response in the passenger account.

  • Track and automate payments
  • Send email invoice to passengers
  • Collect online payments upfront or after ride
  • Offer discounts and customise the terms of payment
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