Limousine Software

Explore the channels of fetching potential customers adopting a distinguished limo software.

White label apps for drivers and passengers

Extend customer functionality through branded mobile applications, letting your customers book limousines without a hitch.

Personalised and easy-to-setup features

Manage your transits by means of an easily adaptable and cost-effective application tailored to passenger requirements.

Comprehensive web admin panels

The best responsive web based panels with all fundamental components to expedite and embellish your limousine services.

User-friendly apps

The mobile application accelerates customer support offering branded application solutions exclusively for drivers and passengers. The booking is controlled via application underlining the insignificance of accepting trips through phone calls. The Limo software has the potential to scale up your business, efficiently tracking passenger locations and extending an elaborate record of all rides undertaken. A happy passenger can also engage in the referral program.

  • Booking acceptance via mobile application
  • Notifications on booking confirmation and cancellation
  • Pickup and drop locations streamlined to passenger convenience
  • Access to all particulars of the rides undertaken for passengers and drivers

Distinctive Booking & Tracking Features

Limousine companies facilitate a platform that allows easy reservation, dispatching and tracking operations. Our seamless limo dispatch software offers prior scheduling and booking to avoid last-minute intricacies.

  • Easy and efficient platform for booking, dispatching and tracking
  • Trip scheduling option to book planned rides
  • GPS tracking facility to identify driver and passenger locations
  • Real time location update through driver’s mobile application
  • Comprehensive admin panel to track daily trips & revenue
Tracking softawre

Advanced Payment Options

Our Limo booking software makes it incredibly easy to book limo online through multiple payment gateways, executing services such as customer invoices, credit card payments and payroll disbursements to passenger satisfaction. It also renders wallet system for passengers to handle transactions.

  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Manage customer invoices, credit card payments, and payroll disbursements
  • Wallet system for passengers
Payment Method

Why Choose Us

We provide dispatch system to all types of transportation companies to help them improve and increase their business opportunities. We show commitment to our clients the way we adapt to their specific needs and offers a development methodology that caters to their specifications. We render cost-effective solutions that fit your requirements, budget and deadlines.

  • Full range of technical support
  • Complete database backup and prompt monitoring
  • Server Maintenance – bug fixing, security and patch updates
  • Software functionality updates
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