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The Connekt24 is a taxi dispatch application, which allows for riders to book and request for rides, and for the creation and management of taxi dispatch centers by different individuals. There shall be two different forms of the application – for riders and for drivers. Each of these applications shall have unique features, which are described in the subsequent section. That Uber, the disruptive taxi hailing application, released its application interfaces to the public; it is possible to approximate the cost of creating and sustaining Connekt24. Being that it will have all the features in the Uber application, the two applications should have an almost similar starting cost, which amounts to approximately $100,000 (ThinkMobile, 2016). This should cater for integration of the features of the application and linking it with different paying methods in different countries, such as online paying through PayPal, stripe, paygate, app design, and development, and quality assurance. Sustaining the application depends on the number of users it gains, which may range from 10-60 per hour (ThinkMobile, 2016).[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”930″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]The chart above shows the usage of taxi applications among the population in different countries. Clearly, there is still a portion of the market that has not yet adopted the culture of using taxi applications allowing for the growth of the Connekt24 application. This implies that the creators and managers of the application need to be open-minded about the growth of the application, which may contribute to high costs of operation.


Connekt24 entered the taxi industry while it was dominated by other taxi hailing applications such as Uber. As such, it was necessary to have additional technological features to enhance its competitive capacity. The application has extra technological features, which provide a wider range of services to the customers, thus making the application a more powerful business. Connekt24 shares many technological features with other taxi applications in the market. In fact, it does not have a unique feature that is only enjoyed by its users (Bowman, 2011). However, the combination of the technological features makes using Connekt24 a unique experience from other taxi applications, and exposes it to a wider customer base.

Like other taxi applications in the market, Connekt24 allows the user to order for a ride using their mobile devices, letting the driver track one through using one’s location, and rating the quality of the ride at its end. These services entail the usage of geolocation technology. To locate the customer, the application uses different frameworks depending on the device’s operating system – usually CoreLocation framework for iOS and Google Location interfaces for Android (Abrosimova, 2010). These frameworks are configured such that the device sends its location to a particular central server, which manages it and pinpoints it according to its content on the geographic region. The application is integrated with mapping software to provide the driver with precise directions to the point of picking up the customer and to the drop-off point at the end of the trip. This technology is complemented with Geo-fencing technology, which is a software that notifies the central server whenever a rider moves out of a specified location. The administrator may set boundaries of business, which is communicated via the map applications on the mobile devices (Abrosimova, 2010).

The application is integrated with the operating system of the mobile device, such that as soon as a customer requests a ride, they begin receiving notifications regarding the location of the driver and how far they are from the pickup location. It also directly connects with the calling application on the phone such that the rider can contact their driver and maintain adequate communication for easier location and cancelling, if need be. Real-time tracking is one of the prominent technological features in the Connekt24 application ( This technology entails automatic identification of objects in real-time. Using this technology, the rider can view the movement of the rider from the moment that they accept their request. This facilitates the preparation for their arrival and guiding them on the best routes to use.

Connekt24 is incorporated with Drive Beehive technology, which is technology meant to promote safe driving. As soon as the driver commences the ride, the technology tracks any phone usage and sends it to a server. The server is notified of any unnecessary phone usage, which increases the risk to safety. The application has real-time analytics which entails real-time collection of data from riders and passengers and transferring them to a central system. This way, the central server can adjust the location of the rides, and the fare prices accordingly based on the data they receive on a constant basis ( This real time analysis also allows for constant evaluation of the state of the vehicle, ensuring that it is a roadworthy state to ensure the safety of the riders. Moreover, the data security technology in the application is intricate, that it does not allow for the sharing of the data acquired from the application to external sources but to the client and the central server.


The Connekt24 taxi dispatch application has a myriad of uses, which are useful to both users and different kinds of businessmen who are interested in investing in the taxi business. Users may utilize the application to request for rides from different locations. The application will allow the rider to locate the passenger and drive up to their desired pickup location, which is known as driver on doorstep service. This service facilitates for convenient ordering of taxi rides. The status of the vehicles is constantly reviewed by the dispatcher, thus ensuring that the rider has a comfortable ride all the way. An additional feature of the application is that it allows for advance booking of the ride, which ensures that the riders will secure their rides for urgent occasions, such as meetings and catching flights. The application may also be used by different business structures including independent drivers, taxi dispatch systems, and car rental enterprises.

Advantages for Customers

Connekt24 customers enjoy a variety of benefits from their usage of the application. Foremost, unlike many other taxi dispatching applications, the riders may book their rides in advance, thus guaranteeing their rides for the moments they require them most. Many taxi hailing applications suffer from congestion especially during rush hours such that the riders cannot get rides because all the available vehicles are taken by other passengers, which may cause a dire inconvenience for people when they require to use them urgently. The application also takes several measures to secure the safety of the riders, such as checking the movement of the driver through unsafe routes, and monitoring the ride to ensure that the driver does not partake in activities, which may be termed as careless driving.

Advantages for Company

The company benefits from the application through the creation of a single platform through which the passengers can access riders, thus centralizing its services. It can also monitor the riders, hence ensuring that they adhere to strict standards, which help in building the company’s reputation that facilitates the creation and sustenance of the customer base. The company may contact the drivers throughout the rides to offer assistance and issue warning if need be. The company is also able to collect information in real-time, thus enabling them to make updated information such as reallocating drivers to areas where they are in high demand during a rush hour. Tout ensemble, the application facilitates the management of a business ensuring that it runs smoothly and in line with the essential standards of safety.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


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