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Connekt24 is the new face of taxi dispatch software and will redefine the way you do business. This one of a kind platform offers it all from an extensive business management system to even helping grow your business exponentially. It’s just a better way to do business and even your customers will find it as easy to use as it is to book an Uber.

Connekt24 is a White Label Taxi Dispatch Software which has been specifically created for car rental companies, taxi operators and aggregators. The software and mobile app are supported by precision GPS tracking and it even has built-in driver and passenger friendly application attributes. These factors really help enhance the travel experience and go a long way in helping accelerate your business further.

The Connekt24 Platform is a comprehensive software solution to all your business needs and helps take your company to higher standards by offering unique and useful end user, driver, agency and core admin modules.

Furthermore, Connekt24 allows you to keep a track of all your vehicles and lets you know where they are, their registration numbers, insurance information, and if they are available or not. It even Aids your drivers and helps them be aware of allocated rides and even lets you track user location at all times. Billing and invoices are generated with the distance traveled and time taken to do so. This marvelous engineered taxi software lets you sit back while its automated operations dispatch your fleet of vehicles to users.

At Connekt24 we care about your customers too which is why our software has many user benefits like finding individuals rides in a matter of minutes for both local and outstation travel. People can even share their rides and split the fare to save a little money. It makes the trip to the airport a stress-free and on time affair making sure that no one ever misses a flight again. Even reservations can be completed in 3 baby steps. Perhaps the best feature of all is the hassle-free payment options the app gives its users. Customers can pay by wallet or cash and online even if they run out of cash.

New features like booking a cab using Facebook Messenger only makes it that much easier for people to get their rides on the go and the AI BOT can help them book a taxi in seconds. Connekt24’s taxi dispatch software is the best in technology-driven efficiency and works across IOS, Android, Tablets, Desktop and anywhere else you can think of!

There is really nothing this software and mobile app cannot do and with its 24/7 enhanced support and managed services your business has only one way to go and that’s up.

Our Mission

Our prime focus ishelping our customers transform their business with the ultimate Design, Device and Data using Cloud, Mobility and Analytics services in the biz

All our professionals have a great business and tech and consulting skills

We have proved ourselves in various industries with our domain expertise

Our flexibility and loyalty to our clients have helped us forge strategic relationships that last long

We have a proven track record of building only the best Global Delivery Centers

We have received high ratings for our responsiveness and niche technical skills

We are proud to say that we are one of India’s leading corporates and our stability and strength continues to grow to this date.

Meet the Team

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Lavanya Viswanatham

Ceo & Founder

Saran Yakkali


Sandeep Gujar

Middleware Expert

Naveen En

Product engineer