All you need to elevate your taxi business

Presenting Connekt24, a versatile and cost-effective taxi solution, that bridges the gap between taxi companies and their discerning customers. We extend an intelligent taxi management and dispatch software comprising of an effective mobile application

Your brand, your logo

The white-label applications extend and improve your brand recognition among your customers allowing you to maintain a total control of your brand.

Split fare with fare estimate

Your customers can cut their ride expense splitting the fare among other riders and also receive a fare estimate to select the vehicle that best suits their budget.

Easy to book, easy to pay

Grow your business by making bookings easy for your customers and providing reliable payment channels for those who love the convenience of online booking.

Extensive ride details

Upscale your business further by providing your customers with real-time ride tracking feature and comprehensive details on the rides scheduled and undertaken.
  • Server Maintenance
  • Security
  • Updates
  • Fully Automated Monitoring
  • Backups
  • File System Maintenance
  • Other General Task

Your brand Manage trip requests

Allow your drivers to efficiently manage the passenger requests with exclusive features to view the details of the rides assigned and immediate alert notifications.

Letting street pick-ups

Eliminate the waiting time of your drivers for another ride request allowing them to choose street pick-up option to pick up passengers along the specific route.

Daily expedition reports

Detailed report of daily income in addition to a detailed summary of the completed and upcoming rides helps your drivers survey their earnings and rides.

Driver referral activity

Referrals reward your drivers with extra money and boost their earnings on inviting their friends to partner with your taxi company to become a driver.

Real-time updates

Real-time updates on each ride helps expedite your services and further extend your services to a large number of customers.

Compliant features

The option to switch between manual and automatic dispatch finding nearby taxis available allows increased flexibility.

All inclusive platform

The possibility of managing taxis, drivers and passengers in a single interface alleviates the entire dispatch process..

Ratings and reviews

The access to view the ratings and feedback on drivers assist you to employ the best resources to your customers.

Efficient monitoring

Exert a total control over all resources, taxi reservations, transactions, and perform all CRM activities, in the admin dashboard.

Managing resources

Add and manage dispatchers, drivers and taxis based on specific locations and execute an accurate and prompt dispatch service..

Handling transactions

View and extract all transaction details and account reports, and direct all payments and payment methods from the admin panel.

Reports and analytics

A display of statistics and real-time updates on driver activity and daily revenue reduces the investment on time and efforts.
We design strategies that assure your application stands out from the rest. We uncover the key challenges to devise a way that brings out the desired outcome. The strategy takes into account the needs of your user, coupled with your requirements, and aims for the best possible user experience within the unavoidable hindrances.
  • Market recognition
  • Competitor comparison
  • Strategy implementation
  • User research
Innovation manifests in our applications that are designed to reach a much less technical audience with captivating data visualisation. A combination of text, graphics, layout and interactive elements are weaved together to design, develop and deliver a suite that wow your visitors.
  • Intuitive design
  • Navigation and menus
  • Pleasing typography
  • Engaging colours

More features

Considering the security of users, call masking is enabled to hide the phone numbers of both drivers and passengers

Understanding the need to stay in touch, VoIP call is allowed to make calls from the manager panel at no extra cost.

Adding multiple languages to provide support for your customers from different locales thereby increasing your reach.

Promoting wallet system for both drivers and passengers to avoid the last minute hassle of payments through card.

Allowing you to engage your customers and promote your brand by offering promotional discounts to grab maximum benefit.

Providing your customers the provision to rate your drivers and share their feedback through social networking sites.